BIOGRAPHY of Georgina Mcknight Hargreaves

Georgina Hargreaves was born in Bolton, Lancashire, in England. Her mother was a singer and a pianist, while her father was a marine engineer. Those were the war times and much of her childhood days were spent moving from one school to another. Georgina began painting at the age of three with occasional help from her brother, Harry.  She started with drawing and painting books for the crafts class and then proceeded to write stories and illustrate them when she was eight years old.

With her fine drawing and painting skills, at the age of 13, Georgina won a scholarship to the Bolton Art School.  At 17 years of age, she quit school and began working as a display artist at a department store.  She left for Canada In 1957 and during her stay, she designed souvenirs of Canada.  When she returned home, she pursued a career in textile designing.

She married In 1960 and has two children Jane (Jane Wardle today) and Paul.  Jane had a horse that she called Prince Brownie II.  When the horse died, Georgina suggested that Jane should write a book about him and promised to illustrate it. Jane wrote four books that were illustrated by Georgina. These books were published In 1994 and are available on the Internet today.

In 1970, Georgina joined World International and furthered her artistic career by drawing colouring books for children and illustrating children's books and annuals.  She quit World International after 2 years and began working from home.  Her first publisher was Dean & Sons.  She also produced fairy stories, TV books, and retold many classics including Heidi, Peter Pan, Oliver Twist, Robin Hood, Tom Sawyer, Alice In Wonderland, etc.  She has Illustrated some of these books more than 3 times.  Georgina went on to illustrate the "TWINKLE" magazine for many years.

When one of the Grahame Johnstone sisters died in 1979 after illustrating "The Enchanted Wood," Georgina took over the contract.  She illustrated "The Magic Faraway Tree (1981),' The Folk of the Faraway Tree (1983)," "Adventures of the Wishing Chair (1983),* and The Wishing Chair Again." Her illustrations are colourful, bold, and extremely appealing, bringing alive the world of make-believe.

.Today Georgina lives in Markfield Leicester to be near her daughter and her address is 4 Hopwood Drive, Markfield, Leicester, LE67 9XJ.  You can contact her at or 01530 244739

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